JustGiving API

Uri /{appId}/v1/event/{eventId}/pages
Verb GET
Auth No

Retrieves a collection of page summaries that are assigned to a specific event


To request: https://api.justgiving.com/{appId}/v1/event/{eventId}/pages
Perform the following HTTP request:

GET /{appId}/v1/event/{eventId}/pages?page={value}&pagesize={value} HTTP/1.1
Host: api.justgiving.com
Content-type: application/json

Url Parameters

eventId (Integer (32bit))

Query String Parameters

page (System.String)
The page number to retrieve (Optional).
pageSize (System.String)
Number of search results to retrieve, pageSize cannot exceed 100 (Optional).

HTTP Status Codes

  • 200 OK - OK

Response Examples

    "eventId": 1234,
    "fundraisingPages": [
            "companyAppealId": 0,
            "createdDate": "\/Date(-62135596800000+0000)\/",
            "currencyCode": null,
            "currencySymbol": null,
            "designId": 1,
            "domain": "www.justgiving.com",
            "eventId": 12345,
            "eventName": "My Awesome Event",
            "giftAidPlusSupplement": 1.25,
            "images": [
            "inMemoryPerson": {
                "FirstName": "Georg",
                "LastName": "Hegel",
                "dateOfBirth": "\/Date(-6290784000000+0000)\/",
                "dateOfDeath": "\/Date(-4359052800000+0000)\/"
            "offlineDonations": 10,
            "pageId": 1457423,
            "pageImages": [
            "pageShortName": "myJustGivingShortName",
            "pageStatus": "Active",
            "pageTitle": "My Fundraising Page!",
            "raisedAmount": 20.0,
            "targetAmount": 1000.0,
            "totalRaisedOnline": 50.00,
            "smsCode": "PEJN76",
            "charityId": 1
    "totalFundraisingPages": 1,
    "totalPages": 1
eventId (Integer (32bit))
totalFundraisingPages (Integer (32bit))
totalPages (Integer (32bit))
fundraisingPages (ICollection of FundraisingPageSummary)
errorMessage (String)