JustGiving API

Minimum requirements

  • A JustGiving API key, which you can get by registering using our API registration form.
  • Read the documentation for the kind of resources you're attempting to access from the list supplied.
  • Optionally, an SDK in either C# or PHP from our GitHub repository.


All the URIs provided in this documentation are environment independent.

While developing against our sandbox environment you should use https://api-sandbox.justgiving.com
In production use https://api.justgiving.com

The sandbox environment is always running the version of JustGiving that is currently on production.

When you register for an API key, you'll be able to access the sandbox server immediately. Once you submit your application, we'll grant you access to production.


We maintain a small collection of examples in the SDK wiki on GitHub. We welcome submissions in any language.

We are more than happy to take bug reports or pull requests for the public SDKs via the GitHub issue tracker.


If you need help or support, subscribe / send a message to our Google group or tweet at us via twitter @jghackers.

You can also call the JustGiving office and our helpdesk for support, but it'll probably take far longer for us to get the message and get back to you that way as we'll have to wait for the messages to get passed on.