JustGiving API

Uri /{appId}/v1/event/
Auth No

Creates an event on JustGiving allowing you to programatically create pages for events you manage. Currently, these events will not show up in the JustGiving event search, this functionality will expand in the future. Please try to prevent creating duplicate events, or duplicate existing events (don't create your own London Marathon event!)


To request: https://api.justgiving.com/{appId}/v1/event/
Perform the following HTTP request:

POST /{appId}/v1/event/ HTTP/1.1
Host: api.justgiving.com
Content-type: application/json

Request Body

  "name": "Playing Mario for 48 hours for charity",
  "description": "Playing Mario for charity",
  "id": 12356,
  "completionDate": "\/Date(1525105876573+0000)\/",
  "expiryDate": "\/Date(1525105876573+0000)\/",
  "startDate": "\/Date(1493742676573+0000)\/",
  "eventType": "OtherCelebration",
  "location": "My Living room",
  "charityId": null


name (String)
description (String)
id (Integer (32bit))
JustGiving EventId, ignored during requests to the RegisterEvent API.
completionDate (DateTime)
The date the event finishes
expiryDate (DateTime)
The date the event expires and will subsequently become unavailable on the site
startDate (DateTime)
The event start date
eventType (String)
Event names will be shown on fundraising pages for an event type of: Running_Marathons Treks, Walks, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlons, Parachuting_Skydives, OtherSportingEvents. Other event types will be correctly linked, but not visually represented on the page.
location (String)
charityId (Integer (32bit))
The id of the charity which this event will be associated with (optional).
errorMessage (String)

HTTP Status Codes

  • 201 Created - Created

Response Examples

    "id": 12345,
    "next": {
        "rel": "https:\/\/api.justgiving.com\/{apiKey}\/v1\/event\/12345",
        "uri": "https:\/\/api.justgiving.com\/{apiKey}\/v1\/event\/12345",
        "type": "application\/xml"
Next.rel (String)
Next.uri (String)
Next.type (String)
Error.id (String)
Error.desc (String)
id (Integer (32bit))
errorMessage (String)